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Fere en Tardenois Castle

History of the castle

Robert, brother of the king Louis VII, repurchases towards the end of XIIe century the ground of Fère to the archbishops of Rheims. His/her son, Robert II, Count de Dreux and of Braine, husband of Yolande de Coucy, start to build the fortress in 1206.

It develops a courtine regularly flanked turns on a high artificial mound. It is about the first fortress known without keep. It will be noted that the turns, openings of archères presents at the level of their footings three, four or five beds whose bases form true teeth of gears (provision unique in France).

March 23, 1395, Fère is bought by Louis of Orleans. After the assassination of the prince in 1407, his captain, Alardin de Monzay defend the castle against the English until 1424.

King François Ier, grandson of Jean of Orleans, inherits the field about 1514. He makes gift of it, in 1528, with the Constable Anne de Montmorency. But work which transforms the fortress into more pleasant residence still lasts in 1539.

Another remarkable feature of the castle of Fère is its bridge gallery, thrown between 1555 and 1560 per Jean Bullant on the order of the Constable. This gallery on floor was richly decorated and was useful for the receptions.

In 1632, Louis XIII fact of decapitating Henri II of Montmorency in Toulouse. Its confiscated goods are allotted to Henri II of Bourbon, prince de Condé. In 1752, Louise Henriette de Bourbon brings them in dowry to Louis-Philippe of Orleans. Their son, Philippe-Equality, make demolish the castle. The materials are allocated for 16400 pounds in 1779.

The castle has been the subject today of restoration for several years.

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