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Castle of Blandy les tours

History of the castle

As of the Life century, the site of Blandy-the-Turns is occupied, as the vestiges of the necropolis mérovingienne prove it, as well as equipment in "fish-bones" of the church Saint- Maurice.

The existence of a first residence seigneuriale is certain only at the beginning of XIIIe century, in 1216, the Viscount of Melun, Adam It of Chailly, evokes in its will the ground of Blandy. It is about a simple manor with irregular enclosure, inside which a vault castrale is, only stone building. During this century, significant work of fortification are begun, in particular the construction of three turns of enclosure which come to be added to turn-carries. A large residential building is built inside.

XIVe century is marked by a significant development of defenses of the castle. A ditch is dug. New turn-carries, with drawbridge with arrows, is bored in the enclosing wall. In second half of the century, Blandy, thanks to three mandements royal of Charles V (1364-1380) and Charles VI (1380-1422), becomes a model of strong castle. The high keep of approximately 39 meters, defended by two drawbridges, is built. The enclosure is modified by the addition of news new towers and courtines.

Between XVe and XVIle centuries, the strong castle loses its military functions and becomes a residential castle. The civil buildings multiply. Blandy is regularly inhabited, but its maintenance is neglected.

In 1707, the marshal of Villars, owner of Be worth-the-Viscount, buys the ground and the castle of Blandy. He decides to dismantle it and transforms it into farm. The roofs are withdrawn from the turns, the destroyed parapets, the large one turn-carries broken. Little by little, the strong castle disappears.

In 1888, Pierre-Charles Tuot, mayor of Blandy, repurchase it and makes gift with the municipality of it. This ruined enclosure and vacuum of any building become historic building in 1889.

From the years 1970, associations the voluntary ones begin the first work of safeguard of the castle. Thanks to the operations of restoration undertaken by the General Council of Seine-et-Marne, which went purchaser in 1992 from there, the strong castle of Blandy-the-Turns reappears. A program of installation is in hand.

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