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Castle of Bois Thibault

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De Lassay in direction of Housseau, the castle of Bois Thibault is located at approximately a kilometer of the commune on the roads of Geneslay and Seven - Forging mills. Still today, the Bois-Thibault castle exposes with pride its picturesque and romantic ruins. Built on an old feudal castle (abandoned during the 100 year old war), it was according to the Angot Abbot "rebuilt in all or partly (1467) with similar turns with drain-holes and arbalétrières with those of Lassay"; consequently it was one of most considerable of the baronnie of Mayenne. Transmitted by blood ties or by marriage, it was inhabited until in 1830, date from which only the corbels and the pigeons made him an assiduous court.

Web Site
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Coordinates of the castle

Castle :

Château du Bois-Thibault
53110 Lassay-les-Châteaux

Office du Tourisme - Syndicat d’Initiative
8 rue du Château
53110 Lassay-les-Château

Phone : + 33 2 43 04 74 33 fax : + 33 2 43 04 71 94

Proprietor :
Stat property - Listed monument

Date and schedule from the visits

The castle is free of visit during the summer at the time of the building sites the voluntary ones. Guided tours are then proposed all the day. Admission free.

Except season, the castle is opened with the visit on go to the phone : + 33 2 43 04 74 21.

With agreement of association "Wood-Thibault, passed and future", it is possible to organize in this castle of the Marriages, Buffets, Concerts.... The tariffs differ according to the service suggested. To contact the president of association for further information.

Association "Bois-Thibault, last and future"
Registered office: Town hall 53110 Lassay-the-Castles

President Daniel FULLER Noë
53110 Lassay-the-Castles
Phone :+33 2 43 04 74 21

Treasurer Roland Caillonneau
Old school 53110 St Julien of Terroux
Phone : +33 2 43 08 59 23

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